Review Policy

From now on I am going to start accepting books to review, I will be 100% honest if I don't enjoy a book I will say that it wasn't my cup of tea and explain why I didn't like it, but I will never insult the author or the book and I will not give it anything under 3 stars. I really appreciate the authors who have already sent me their books in exchange for a review I am very thankful for being asked to review something of theirs. I will try to get the review up as soon as I am done finishing the book, or if you give me a deadline date I will also read it and review it by that time. 

I accept audio, print, and ebooks. Bound galleys and ARCs are fine, as are finished paperbacks or hardcovers
I usually read 

  • Historical fiction 
  • Women’s fiction
  • Literary fiction
  • History
  • YA 
  • Mystery 
  • Horror/thriller
I will say that I will not say NO to a book right away just because of the genre. If I get some details about it and I end up liking what its about, then I will always consider reviewing  it. I am not a picky reader, there are days when I get out of my comfort zone and read other things that I don't normally read but I will give it a shot the whole part about being a reviewer is getting the book out there and promoting it and also giving the author feedback that will eventually be good for the book when other people come across it.

If you do want to contact me and send me an email about your book I will be very happy to discuss it with you my email is 

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