Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Such A Pretty Girl By Laura Wiess

This book was hard to read. Not because it wasn't a great book but because it's a book that makes you feel very angry, scared, hurt, and betrayed. The story is about Meredith she was raped by her father when she was younger and they put him in jail he wasn't supposed to get out of jail for 8 years. So when they let him out after just 3 years on "good behavior" she knew what was going to happen. She didn't know what she was going to do her mother didn't care she wanted her husband to be home again. Saying he wasn't going to hurt her anymore and that he had changed.

But Meredith knew better. Even if her mom didn't believe her. So she set out to put him back in jail cause she knew he was coming back to hurt her again and so does everyone else other than her mom. Now she only has 1 option and she knows its the only way shes going to beat him. Even though she is going to have to relive her worst nightmare all over again.
It was just a sad story that even made you sick by reading it you think how could a father do that to her daughter and think its okay. Doesn't he feel remorse or anything. But it also made you happy that while he got out he could get back in and this time he wouldn't be getting out anymore. It was at the same time a beautiful story about love, she actually had people who actually cared about her unlike her mom who was all about pleasing the father it makes me sick. But in the end good always wins.

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