Friday, February 17, 2012

Angel Evolution By David Estes

First of all this is my second Angel book that I've read and to be honest this was the best one!

Basically the books is about angels and demons and as usual they are at war but there is a huge twist to it that you never see coming. And the angels need Taylor but the demons are not gonna let the angels get to her first.

I couldn't put it down for a second I just was so eager to find out what was going to happen. It was a well written book and definitely a page turner i recieved the Ebook from the author. Thank you David! I can't find anything wrong with the book i just loved everything about it. I enjoyed readding about the characters especially Gabe and Chris. Gabe is the kind of guy that girls fall for cause hes the bad boy of the story but who also happens to have a secret soft spot. And Chris is just a gentleman hes charming, and sweet hes just perfect. Then you have Taylor and Sam who love their boyfriends so much that you know nothing can tear them apart. They have such an amazing friendship. No matter what side your on. It's one of those books where you wouldn't know which side you were going to pick cause you know that Gabe truly loves Taylor and Chris wants to protect her. and also wants to protect Sam and everyone else. and I was so excited to read it.. It has anything you can think of mystery, suspense, Romance, and some action. You will be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what happens next! It is such a wonderful book and I highly recommened it. You will want to reread this book over and over again and you love it even more each time. This is coming from a chick who is obsessed with vampires haha but not anymore. Angels are the best now. Can't wait to read the next one definitely check it out it is amazing.

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