Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Handbags and Homicide By: Dorothy Howell

Haley Randolph is a purse whore. buying the lates brand name items. She was fired from her job, so now she is working at a horrible clothing store where she regularly gets yelled at. Right when she thought things couldn't possibly get worse. She ends up finds the body of her boss and all the evidence points to her. Meanwhile she's trying to figure out how to get her job back the only one that brought in tons of money for her purse and handbag addiction. While she tries to clear up her name she gets into even more trouble and later falls in love with the owner of the Holts stores.

This was such a fun read I really liked the idea and storyline of the book. The author made a great mystery/fairy tale out of Haley's life and turned it into something unique. I also liked the titles she picked for the books. It's every girls dream to have all the fashion trends, and with this series you feel as if you were actually Haley. Although I didn't like the fact that she keeps things from the detectives but other than that this book is amazing. You just fall in love with her love interest who's name happens to be Ty Cameron. This was a fun, witty, comedy, and girly kind of book. Which is great I enjoyed it.

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