Tuesday, February 28, 2012

INK By Holly Hood

Hope makes the decision of moving to California to take care of her father. After her parents divorce. Soon after, she realizes that the only friend she has made isn't exactly the most popular guy in town. People start telling her that she needs to pick better friends and after a life threatening event she starts to uncover the truth about her new friends and why no one likes them.

This was a great book It took a while for me to finish it but I enjoyed it very much. Holly's character was amazing she was really nice and patient with her dad a lot of the time with his whole drinking problem and she also did everything she could to take care of him. And I liked that she defended him. It was a very descriptive story and I liked that. Hope was a great girl although sometimes she didn't really know who or what to believe. But I really liked the whole story. And Slade oh goodness if only he wasn't just a character in a book. He sounded really amazing, mysterious and so wonderful. He was so into himself which i kinda didn't like but still it was a good book. And I really liked that there was a love triangle there. I really loved this book. thank you so much Holly for sharing it with me!

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