Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Golden Cord By: Paul Genesse

Drake makes one of the hardest decisions ever, he chooses to leave behind his family and also Jaene, his soon to be fiancée. To go on a journey with 2 Drobin warriors who have always been his family's enemies. He goes off as their guide to help them find the dragon king although he knows he might not make it back alive he decides to keep on going. Soon he realizes that if he is going to keep helping them they're going to have to tell him what they are hiding if he is going to all the trouble just to go on this adventure. While traveling he is still haunted by his friends death all he can do is blame himself, but other than going around moping about it, the anger and the pain help him keep going no matter what the situation, to avenge his cousin Riggs murder and also Ethan's who was like a brother to him. Even if it means going somewhere with dwarves that he doesn't fully trust.

This was such an astonishing imaginary story you fall into the story and it feels like your there feeling every emotion that these characters feel. There is nothing better than reading such a wonderful book that you end up loving so much. I have never read anything like it, the only subject I read alot about was Vampires but now I'm like "What vampires?" I am obsessed with all the creatures, and descriptions the author put inside this story.

Paul has this amazing imagination one you have not seen before, fast paced and very intriguing. He has a really unique way of telling a story that draws you in even more page after page. I liked that the book was really thought out and i enjoyed reading all the quotes at the top of each chapter they were a great addition to the book, and the descriptions of Wyvern and the other dragons along with the creatures were great. You could even picture them inside your mind the details, descriptions sounded incredibly real and believable.

In the end you wish you could be as badass as the Drobin and also Drake. I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to pronounce the name of the places, characters, and some of the creatures. Those names were tough to say, every time I saw some weird name I stayed there for hours maybe trying to say they right I don't know if I did or not.

To tell you the truth I don't know who my favorite character was. I don't even think I could pick just one because Drake, Bellor, Thor, and Jaena were all equally unique that you ended up getting attached to all of them for so many different reasons. And also Jep and Temus oh goodness I cried through some of the parts in this book it got intense especially when Jep got injured I was so upset I didn't want anything to happen to them. They sounded so darn adorable and brave who wouldn't love them, they seemed a lot more like human than they did dogs. I really did enjoy this book everything about it was perfect the action, adventure, romance, and and I loved it. And I love the title of the book it fits really well.

Thank you Paul for being at that book signing I'm glad I got to meet an extraordinary author, can't wait to read the 2nd book in the series.

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