Monday, April 16, 2012

To Selena With Love By Chris Perez

I will forever hold these memories close to my heart finishing this book was the hardest thing. Because if your not born around music all throughout your childhood it's harder to understand how it feels to know that your favorite singer was killed. Reading this book was like they were taking our favorite childhood singer away from us yet again. I didn't want to finish the book because I wanted to take my time reading, and enjoy it up until the last 2 chapters cause they were just so heartbreaking and I knew what was coming but before I realized it I was already on the last page turning it and finding only the acknowledgments. I am beyond words I feel like this book really opened my eyes there was just something about it that made me realize how much someone can actually love and lose them at the same time. And everyone has lost someone at some point, sadly so have I it wasn't just one person but it was 5 people in a matter of 3 weeks which isn't so easy, because your barely coping with one death then they all came almost at the same time.  I love them  so much I know how terrible it feels knowing that your time with them has to end and you just never know when it will happen and all you will have left are the memories.  Chris has an amazing way of describing everything, And he made me feel like I was actually there with them experiencing and seeing everything he was remembering. 

The memories and meaning behind writing this book put a smile on my face. I enjoyed reading it i cried most of the time because I was laughing so hard that tears started coming out.  I was so angry by the time they started talking about the "Cancer" (the name Chris gave to the murderer). I felt every single emotion Chris felt. Its not so easy talking about the personal, emotional feelings and memories you share with someone you love so much. I and many other thought that the book was beautifully written and amazing in so many ways. You felt every single emotion possible. It just made me happy knowing how Chris felt about Selena learning about how they fell in love and what they had to go through to finally be happy together.  There is so much that fans never see or know until the celebrities  themselves come out and say it. Sometimes us as fans we forget that celebrities are normal people just like us, and the way Chris talked about Selena and explained how she was if you had gotten to know her in person sounded like she was so real and like the rest of us. That is what truly made me even more happy, It made me appreciate her even more. 

Truthfully I had been waiting for this book for the longest time I knew sooner or later he would get the strength to write it, and when although it came out years after I am so glad to have a copy of it sitting in my room. The cover is really beautiful. I loved seeing all the pictures that Chris shared and put in the book. I wrote way to much but still I don't think I gave it justice on how amazing it was. Read it, watch the movie if you haven't yet, and listen to her music even if you don't understand some of her spanish songs.


  1. I didn't realize he wrote a book.. I will definitely have to read this. I loved Selena when I was little.. love her music.. seen the movie at least 30 times and cried every this is a must read for me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yeah its a new book. It came out in March I believe on the 6th. I love the movie Its so much like the book.

    Your welcome Cass and thank you for the comment :)

  3. I have been a Selena fan since...well, years! I have nearly every cd, and tons & tons of memorabilia (even a signed poster from Chris himself). I haven't been keeping up with the Selena news the past year or so, so this book news is refreshing. I am gonna have to snag a copy!

    1. That's great I wish I could have met her back then. And Chris is a wonderful guy he went through a rough patch but I'm glad he got himself out of it.

      Thank you for the comment and let me know what you think after you read it :)!

  4. Selena ! :'( <3 Omg,I miss her so much. One my favorite Hispanic singers .. R.I.P mi amor <3