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Cromwell deep By Kari Peterson Virtual Book Tour



Kaitlynn has been working some crazy hours at a casino, but it's not all that bad. Because of her job she met a wonderful guy who's name is Nate and they soon end up dating. As her and Nate's relationship starts to bloom, not everything is as perfect as she thought it would be. What Kaitlynn doesn't notice is that someone is watching her every move, and it might just be the person that Nate is trying to track down for murdering a women in Kalispell. Now Kaitlynn and her best friend Georgia might be in danger. And who knows what will happen next .

This book was way better than I had expected it to be, I thought that the relationship between Kaitlynn and Nate was a little hurried but the way the author wrote it, sounded like they had known each other for the longest time. Richard was a great brother he kind of reminded me of my own brother, him and Kaitlynn were really close and he did everything he could to keep her on her feet after their parents died. Kaitlynn was so strong and she was also smart which really helped her get out of that horrible situation, and she survived through it all I really look up to her. I really enjoyed this book I thought each of the characters gave a little something to the story, I especially liked Georgia and Kaitlynn's friendship you could tell that they were really close, and I just loved them. I really thought Nate was the perfect guy for Kaitlynn, he is so sweet, charming and motivated. He was so driven to find Kaitlynn alive and also to catch the person who was behind her kidnapping. I loved the way Kari described everything it was exactly how I pictured it in my mind. I really loved the storyline it had so much depth which also made the book even better. Although i would have loved for the author to write about Andrew and explain why he did all those things, explain why he was so evil, and cold hearted. And it seemed so real, all in all i will give this book what it deserves, which is 5/5 stars. I recommend it to everyone it was such a great read!

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1. Could you tell us what inspired you to write Cromwell Deep?
Honestly, the first idea I had about the book began because I thought it would make a great movie. From chapter 13 on was very vivid in my mind, and it was quick and easy to write. I am a big fan of CSI, and I know that show helped to inspire parts of the story as well.

2. And how did you come up with the name of the book?
Cromwell Deep was not the original name I came up with. It was the third! I knew I wanted the story to take place at Flathead Lake in Montana, however, it was only after I viewed the topography of the lake when I found the perfect spot. Cromwell Deep is an actual part of Flathead Lake. I personally visited the locations mentioned in the book, for visual inspiration. Of course it was just as much a pleasure as it was “research.”

3. If the book was ever made into a movie who do you think would be a good Kaitlynn and Nate?
I love this question! Early into writing the book I considered this, simply because my story was as alive in my mind as any movie I’d seen. I thought long and hard about which actors I could see for both Kaitlynn and Nate. Surprisingly, Kaitlynn’s character was much harder to choose than any other. I think Alex O’loughlin and Jessica Biel would both be perfect.

4. How long was the writing process?
The book only took four months to write, however, the editing process took much longer. I chose not to have my book professionally edited. Instead I had friends and family members each make their suggestions/edits, and I revised my drafts accordingly. Hindsight being what it is I will professionally edit before publishing from now on.

5. Who are some of your favorite writers?
I really enjoy the works of Stephen King, Stephanie Meyer, JK Rowlings, and Michael Crichton. I love being taken on a journey. I can get completely immersed in a gripping mystery, and turn into a gooey mushball with a great love story. While Stephen King’s writing doesn’t always leave you with a happy ending, his imagination is second to none! I love the variety.

6. What are your future writing plans?
I am currently writing a new fiction novel! It is a different genre than Cromwell Deep, and I am already thoroughly invested in it. Some say they would like to see more from Kaitlynn and Nate, though I don’t have plans for that at the moment. There are a couple other stories floating around in my head, but who knows what will become of them. I think a writer’s best work comes out when you truly become passionate about a story and its characters.

7. How can your readers get in contact with you twitter, Facebook etc?
I can be contacted on Facebook and on my website Regrettably, my 10 month old does not allow me much computer time, but I try to check both as often as I can!

Kari Peterson

Author Bio
Kari Peterson was born in November of 1979. She graduated from Columbia Basin College with a degree in Computer Science, then transferred to WSU where her next degree awaits her. She currently lives in Washington State with her husband, three sons, one male cat, one male guinea pig, and two fish... whom she is certain are male as well.

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