Monday, December 17, 2012

When You Were Mine

Rob has finally confessed to Rosaline after such a long time that he wants to be with her, Rosaline feels complete now she has everything she could ever wish for. She loves Rob more than anything in this world. But what she doesn't know is that not everything is going to turn out the way she thought, her cousin Juliet is back in town. Last time they ever saw each other was when they were just kids and things weren't left on a good note. Now her cousin wants everything she has, and that includes Rob. As soon as things fell into place they also broke into pieces just as fast. So when Juliet finally steals Rob from her, she soon starts finding out the reason why Juliet is the way she is and some family secrets their parents have been keeping which also involves Rob's parents.

My Review

I loved this book it's a Modern day retelling of Romeo & Juliet, although it has it's differences i really liked the direction the author went with it. The author told the story how it would have been if it had been told present time. I definitely enjoyed the book I hated Juliet so much though, I would have never forgiven her not even her parents. To me it seemed unfair for all of them to treat her the way they had. She did not deserve that. they were just so selfish. She had nothing to do with what went on between her uncle and parents.

I didn't like how Roses' and Robs' relationship ended it could have ended better. What I did like was how Rose was she tried not to make any enemies let alone hurt anyones feeling. Usually in other books the main girl makes bad choices and Rose wasn't one of them. The creativity and time put into this book was well worth it. Cause in the end the book turned out so much better than I though it would and not only that but she found the guy she was supposed to be with.

In the end I thought Juliet had done that on purpose, to me she seemed like the kind of person who would think "If I can't have him no one else can." So I'm sure she did it. It wasn't totally answered in the end it was just someones words. I loved the book I will not deny that, I would reread it all the time if I could. If you have yet to read it then please do its such a cute book.

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