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Forever Clan Book Tour

Paranormal Romance 
Title: Forever Clan (Book #3) 
Date Published: 1/7/13

Sunday Rose's soulmate is a vampire. If it isn't difficult enough to deal with, she's pregnant with a child that prophecy states can either help or destroy the vampire race. And there are those that fear either outcome. If she is to protect her child from those who would exploit the prophecy, She must awaken unknown abilities and call upon her guardian angels to buy the time necessary to get to her family to feel safe harbor.

"January Bain has created characters so real as to feel like family or friends. She makes the reader really care about what happens to them" Judy Gill, editor and writer rated 5 stars.


The beginning of the book was a bit mysterious & tad bit creepy, well at least to me it was because of the way Sean acted when he was talking to Sunday. But I knew he wasn't. I really loved the book it was full of suspenful moments and also had alot of well-balanced romance. The kiss took me by surprise although it was a little bit too soon for that it was actually not a big problem cause it felt like they knew each other, way before. The books were written in a unique styke like no other books I've read, not only did they talk like the old times but they also acted the part. But it was a wonderful mix because it wasn't actually set in those times. I though it had really great kind of thriller parts. And it was a profound story between a human and a vampire. Their love story was so passionate. I loved Sean. Sunday reminded me a bit of myself because I still hope that there could be a vampire out there somewhere, anywhere actually. I really enjoyed the storyline I haven't yet read a book like this so its new to me. Anyways if you enjoyed the first 2 books please buy this one don't wait any longer because you are going to miss out. January Bain is a book/story Genius! She sure knows how to hook you onto a story.


What inspired the series and characters?
The Forever Series began for me while watching the movie, The Green Mile. I coveted the gift of healing of one of the characters in the story. Having recently lost two brothers to the ravages of cancer, the idea of being able to lay your hands on another and heal them of their affliction spoke to me of hope. I wanted to live inside that hope, embrace it, and make it my own. A few hours later the character, Ellie Hightower, was born to star in my first book, Forever Man. Little did I know at the time that it would become a series. I just wanted to write a book with characters that would touch the heart of those who read their trials and tribulations of these people that populate my mind. And of course, romance features front and foremost in my paranormal series. 

Do you feel a strong connection with any of the characters in the book?
As I live inside the actions and thoughts of all my characters, I am most connected to the one that I am writing about at that moment. I love the sparing of people falling in love and so enjoy watching their journeys unfolding in my mind. I am never more alive than when I’m writing, except maybe when my husband, an incorrigible romantic, and I are interacting with each other.

Do you have any ideas for future books?
I have so many ideas! More than I can possibly manage to write about in one brief lifetime. I’ve taken quite an interest in hard sci-fi and have read so many books on the subject of the concept of time travel to try to instill realism into my work. Research is a wonderful part of the writing process and having access to the internet is just about the best thing in the modern world when you live a quiet country life. 

How do you get inspired to write?
All I have to do is sit down at the computer and the ideas immediately flow from my mind through my fingers and onto the screen. I feel most blessed when I’m living inside a story. In fact, the tagline I have for myself is simply, storyteller. I usually write from five till seven in the morning and then get ready for my day job of teaching.

Can you name some authors that have inspired you?
 So many! Bram Stoker’s Dracula was one my first books as a child, followed up with Steven King and Anne Rice as I discovered a love of horror stories. This has been tempered of recent years with more romantic stories spun around the themes of paranormal and suspense.

Can you tell us some things so your readers can get to know you a bit better, like favorite music, favorite book, phobias. Etc.
I love to sit at my dining room window and watch the forest creatures’ dance by our home. Deers quirrels, foxes, the odd bear and wolf, skunks, badgers and sometimes an elk, living on twenty acres of jack pine has its rewards

How can your readers come in contact with you?
Easily done! I’m on facebook, twitter, have my own website, I write blogs, some with others, and I’m always excited to hear from readers.

January Bain hails from Ashern, Manitoba, Canada. Married to the love of her life, her husband Don, she has combined her love of romance with her interest in vampires to produce the Forever Series of books. She also writes Science Fiction novels chiefly concerned with time travel and life on othr planets. She teaches English and Computer courses during the day, and gets up at 5 am to write before her day job. She hopes her storytelling will touch your heart. She loves hearing from readers and writers alike!

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