Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dargo Island By Jerry Hart

In one day Josh Debelko’s life changes dramatically.
He loses his job...and his life. During a deadly outbreak of tornados, Josh is killed and somehow brought back. A mysterious neighbor, thankful for his heroic efforts that saved her own life, repays him by getting him a job on an island. But this is no ordinary island.
It is a place in which a battle for the ultimate power is being waged. Josh is caught in the middle and must choose a side. If he chooses incorrectly, more than his own life may be lost in the aftermath. 

Dargo Island was a fantastic story, the plot was just as great. The characters were great, my favorite was Cormac, even though he wasn't really in the story that much. I flew through the book, it was one of those stories that you don't ever want to put down. It had pretty much everything I wanted it to, action/mystery/paranormal all packed in one book. I will say that I almost felt bad Rockne his plan didn't hash out the way he thought it would, not only was he left powerless but he also lost every single person that ever cared about him. The book had so many twists. That even I didn't know who was truly the bad guy. It was a great book 

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  1. Wow, what a fantastically enthusiastic review ~ thanks to Ana for sharing your thoughts, and huge congrats to Jerry!

    Speaking of great... I love this blog. I love the images and the colours and the review and just everything about it. Ana, please may I nominate you for the Sunshine Award to say 'thanks' for everything you do here? Here geos: Happy blogging, and rock on! XX

    PS ~ if this isn't a good time or you're too busy to accept, I'll totally understand. It's just for a bit of fun, really, so don't worry! XX