Thursday, July 18, 2013

Breaking Jospehine RABT Book Tour *REVIEW*

At 22, Josephine Sinclair thought she’d finally closed the door on her past and was 
moving on with her life. With a stable job as a waitress, a small apartment in town, and 
scenic Cannon Beach a two-mile jog to the west, she was getting by.
In a mansion on the beach, Dex Hartley felt just the opposite. After years of living the 
fast life in New York and L.A., he’d come home to bury himself in the ghosts of his past 
and his grief.
When an old obsession comes back to life, Josephine finds herself face-to-face with 
Dex, turning her ordinary world upside down and igniting a burning desire in them both 
they can’t deny. As Jo opens herself up to Dex, his passion, and his body, she unearths 
a lifetime of lies and deception that threaten to destroy the normal life she’s managed to 
start. As her hard-earned life collapses around her, will the truth break her or set her free?

Review & Thoughts

What can I say about this book, it was fantastic, beautifully written, filled with so much passion, so many great details. I honestly LOVED it there was so much put into it, it was like watching a movie you never know what exactly you are going to get. There was mystery, romance, comedy, steamy R rated parts as well.. 

I understood Jo I felt like we were on the same page most of the time and she was almost the mirror image of me and come on who wouldn't wanna be her I know I'd like a piece of the Dex cake too. I loved her attitude most of the time, the way she was with Dex all lovey dovey, 
I am guilty of being like that too.

But oh man now on to Dex what can I say about the gorgeous, buff, amazingly sweet, fantastic, handsome, funny guy... I enjoyed his character so much. From what he wore, to how much he loved Jo. He was so happy with her, trust me sometimes I dislike instalove but when it is done so right, I am alllll for it. Declan made me giggle, cry, fall in love with each turn of the page. I swear if he wasn't a fictional character "Lord help me" cause I would steal him from Jo ;). 

Such an amazing storyline I would have never thought that she was going to end up being the daughter of such and such. So that definitely took me by surprise! Breaking Josephine was a fantastic book, to die for. And the steamy scenes well lets just say they were so realistic phewww you're gonna want to crack a window before starting it.

Marie Stewart

Although a long-time native of Northern California, Marie currently resides in steamy Atlanta, Georgia with her college-sweetheart-turned-husband and their three daughters. A recovering lawyer, Marie recently stepped off the legal train to write fiction full-time. While her clients miss her, she couldn’t be happier. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her family and sweating her way through the hot Georgia summer.


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