Monday, October 20, 2014

Fairy Tale in New York by Nicky Wells *Review*


New York. A restaurant near Park Avenue. Its early evening, and dusk is falling. So is the snow. Jude and Carrie are only killing time while they wait for the flight to London. They don't know yet that their life will never be the same. 

When rock star Jude gets stranded in New York with his family on Christmas Eve, he has no idea that he is setting in motion a chain of events that will turn their Christmas into the most magical one yet... 
No good deed goes unpunished, or so it seems to Jude and Carrie on the morning of the twenty-fourth of December. The previous day, they gave up their London-bound flights to someone in Crisis. And now, a spectacular whiteout is grounding all planes, and Jude, Carrie and baby Maya are stuck far from home. 

Tired, hungry and just a little panicked, Jude loads his family into a cab and returns to their hotel. But there's no room at the inn, and not even a platinum credit card will make a difference. Snow is falling heavily, and the family is facing a very bleak night indeed.
How do you celebrate Christmas with no place to stay, no food, and no presents? Join jude Carrie, Maya and a cast of colourful characters in this fairy tale story of Yuletide in New York


 Baby makes 3. Carrie and Jude are back! The story was beautiful, Jude and carrie are perfect together and Maya oh goodness it was like cuteness overload. I read the book in one night it was so fast paced and so well written. I enjoyed it and also enjoyed the whole christmas thing. Jude is a sweetheart he was willing to give up his plane tickets for a stranger, dressing up like Santa, singing to the little kids, and yet he still stayed positive. Even when things didn't go as planned. I'm so glad we got the chance to meet their baby! I don't really know what to say other then the book was amazing. I never ever mentioned this but I have never read christmas themed book. And to be honest I want to read more christmas books!! I think the cover is adorable purple is my favorite color, and the title is beautiful!

Nicky Wells is a fantastic and also a talented  author. Each one of her books is unique just like her characters. They all have different traits but they are also characters that are relatable. Reading one of her books is like going on a vacation without having to leave your own home. I enjoy every minute of Carrie and Judes' love story. And this one was breathtaking. 

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  1. Ana, wow! Thank you so much! I'm so thrilled you enjoyed this story, and that it's got you in the mood for more Christmas stories. I'm honoured to visit your lovely blog again, and I still blush at your praise. *does the happy dance* Thanks again. You put a big smile on my face!