Monday, February 9, 2015

Darkness By Ciye Cho Review

A dire prophecy has emerged, and the mer believe that humans and merfolk are in grave danger. Terror is closing in, but only one person holds the key to stopping it: Florence Waverley. However, her mission to save two worlds will lead her far, far out into the Darkness--a shadow-realm full of monsters, magic, and wicked tides that could tear apart bodies. 

With the help of her friends, Florry must uncover a secret about humans and mer. A long-lost secret that could change her life. And above all else, she must fight hard to light the darkness. Everything depends on her mission: her friends, her world, and the one she loves. 

The past, present, and future are about to collide--but can she stay afloat? One way or another, nothing will be the same when she enters the Darkness...

Darkness is the third book in the Florence Waverley series

       First of all this book completely blew my mind. With each book I fall more and more in love with the characters. Florence and Rolan have been through so much together that I cannot picture them ever being apart. Ciye Cho does a magnificent job, his writing style is just wonderful that you instantly like his characters and fly through each of his books. I really enjoyed the plot of the book, because we have been waiting for that big change Florence was going to go through sooner or later. Now that its happened its like okay can it get any better than this and then bam it does. The books are not that long but when you are reading them there is so much detail, action, drama put into the books that you pretty much get everything you bargained for.

     Cornelious and Oliana, I literally started jumping up and down when Florry finally met them. Honestly, I was really scared that something really bad was going to happen I was on the edge of my seat while reading the book. But I'm so glad nothing did. All in all it was everything I expected it to be and more! If you haven't read this series you definitely should. I highly recommend this book! Also thank you Ciye Cho for giving me the opportunity to enter into this new adventure along with Florry and Rolan. You are such a talented author and your Mer World is absolutely breathtaking!

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