Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Between The Land And The Sea By Derrolyn Anderson

I got this for review from the author. So i am being completely honest this is what i thought of the book.

The book is mainly about Marina who gets sent by her father to live with her aunt Abby, and her cousin Cruz in California. When she gets there strange things start happening and she starts to uncover the truth about her mother's past. Only to find out the reason why her dad shuts down whenever she asks about her mom. While doing so Marina has to make some tough decisions along the way one of them being, living life or having to sacrifice hers.

I adored Ethan and Marina's relationship it grew more and more throughout the book. What I loved about them was that they didn't fall in love instantly like characters in other books which you don't see very often. I also liked Megan she grew on you. Its like you saw her burst out of her cocoon and she changed so much. She went from being really shy and then she became so confident overnight. I adored Cruz he was so sweet, talented and lovable. Every girl wishes she could have a friend just like that! I loved that it was about mermaids that really drew me in this was my first mermaid book and I loved it. Definitely a great read.

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