Friday, February 17, 2012

The Art Of Racing In The Rain By Garth Stein

Enzo is one of the best dogs in the world. He loves his best friend Denny there is nothing in the world he wouldn't do for him. Ezno is not like any other dog he acts just like a human, he understands everything that he watches on tv, everything that Denny talks to him about he fully understands. When his owner Denny gets married to Eve they start their own little family and they have a baby. Enzo is all about taking care of Denny and Eve's daughter Zoe he loves them all very much. But when he notices that Eve is sick and she isn't going to get better he does everything he can to try to protect them all. Denny finds himself having to fight for his daughter in a custody battle, and after being accused of a crime he didn't commit he and Enzo go through one of the hardest battles in the world.

This was such an amazing book i have never in my life read a book about a dog. But Enzo is so loveable that you just want to see what he thinks and know what he knows and hes just so amazing him and Denny are the best characters in the world. Not only do they go through so much loss and pain but they also have to deal with family issues and problems with the law they have so much faith and they had each other to go through it. And Zoe you just adore her you can relate to some of the charachters especially after what they all go through. Enzo makes you think about life and see it from a different perspective that he just makes you appreciate it more and you realize that not everything is perfect life is hard but you have to enjoy it like there's no tomorrow. Be positive. and "That which we manifest is before us"

It is such a sweet book you will definitely love it even if you don't like reading animal books.

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