Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Wedding By: Nicholas Sparks

So the book revolves around Wilson and Jane's marriage. Wilson hasn't been around much to see his children growing up because of his job. And he hasn't been their for his wife either. And that made him start worrying about their marriage. So when he notices that they're marriage might be hanging by a thread, he turns to Noah Jane's dad to get advice from him as to what he should do to swoop her off her feet again and hopefully that will make her fall in love with him once again. He starts getting advice from his father in-law who knows more about Romance than he does, so he tries to save his marriage by winning back his wife's heart. And in that journey he is lost wondering what he can do but has yet to find out. So when Anna their daughter pays them a visit to tell them that she is getting married on the day of their anniversary thats when the flame burns stronger than ever and he comes to the realization that he can and will somehow save their marriage.

This is a perfect book for you if you're looking for something romantic and full of surprises. I really loved this book it shows how it is to be in love and it shows that no marriage is perfect. It teaches you how to be appreciate the person that your with. You enjoy every moment throughout this story. You see this couple fall in love once again with and without pain. Through the hardest time in their life.
In this well written book you will be swept off your feet yet again by Nicholas Sparks. You can never go wrong with A Nicholas Sparks Book.

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