Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crimson Footprints By Shewanda Pugh

After Deena's mom went to jail for killing her husband. She finds herself alone with only her brother and sister. They move in to they're grandparents house. They have no respect for her, they have no appreciation for her whatsoever, only because she's not fully black. Shortly after, Deena's brother Anthony is murdered. The only person who helps her through it all is Tak, the only man she's ever loved but loving him comes with a price.

I absolutely loved Deena she just grew on me throughout the whole book. Shes this beautiful person that cared so much about her family, searching for their approval. She was driven, sophisticated, intelligent and so passionate about her job as an architect. I really liked that about her. And Tak was definitely a wonderful guy you could tell that he was in love with her & wasn't just a simple crush. I really liked that he made her stand up for herself, loved her when her family didn't. And He was also very talented I loved that. I enjoyed this book to much I didn't exactly know what to expect. But it was a beautifully written book, with so many descriptions and details to it that you actually thought you were in it also. Thanks Shewanda

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