Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Perfect Game By John Hansen

Jeff enjoys seeing the tv show "The Perfect Game" a show where you can actually witness murders happening right before your eyes. Jeff likes George a little to much its almost like he admires him. And one day while watching the show he can't help but wonder how it might feel to actually kill someone, see someone beg and soon take their last breath. When his nagging wife disturbs him while he is watching his show, he starts to think maybe he can experience that feeling without having to watch it on the television, what better place than to do it in his own home. The question is who would he use as the victim?

In this creepy short story you read about Jeff a sadist who loves to see people getting killed. He makes you feel scared and angry at the same time. This was one of those stories where you think "Wow this guy is a horrible person." I really enjoyed this book though there was that unexpected twist in the end that made you go "What just happened?" I am so glad I read this book!

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