Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hollywood and Wine By R.M Pala

Trying to leave the past behind Linda moves to Hollywood. She went from an abusive home to a magnificent life in Hollywood with her aunt Vera Sinclair who is an actress. Trying to forget the past isn't easy when you keep reliving a horrible nightmare. Linda wakes up drenched in sweat and also not knowing what the dream is about. Her aunt and linda's boyfriend Alex are on a mission to figure out what is causing this nightmare and hoping they could find a way to stop it. Even if it means that they will eventually uncover a horrible memory from Linda's past.

I liked Linda's character she was unique, smart, and a fighter. Even after everything she's been through she can finally love someone. After leaving her aunt and uncle's house she became a happier person. Until she started having those nightmares. But she still kept going an that's what I liked about her she was brave and happy. And I adored Alex he was just plain sweet and wonderful, he just made Linda very happy and she actually cared about her. I was extremely happy when Vera sent for her it's great that she pulled her out of that abusive household. I did like the book I just didn't like the fact that it kinda had very little detail in some parts it was hurried to much. And the way the book was written needed a bit more work. But overall it was a good read I liked it very much.

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