Sunday, May 20, 2012

True Murder Stories

This book is definitely a must read if you like a real mystery crime book. The book has many stories that you haven't heard about and it is very detailed about the things that went on during these killings, and about the process of trying to find out who the killer was. Some of these stories were new to me and others I've heard about but hadn't exactly read anything about them, If you are pursuing a career in Criminal Psychology this will really help you. Or if you just like reading books about murders then this one would be a great read for you. I was very excited when the author of the book asked me if i was interested in receiving this book in exchange for an honest review, I didn't even hesitate to say yes. I am glad i did because you get to read about things that you might not have known about, the book included many actual real life murder stories like The Zodiac Killer, The boston Strangler, The McNaughten's Case, and many more. Some of the details about the victims Cause of death were a bit disturbing and awful but not so much, you get hooked to it and it is a page turner. It was a really fast read and it was short.  It was a really great book,it had lots of information on all the cases. I really enjoyed it. There's really not much to say about it but I recommend it.

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