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Sophie's Run By Nicky Wells Book Tour

Her famous star remains her rock while life takes her on a little detour…

Who says that the road towards true love is straight and even? Sophie is certainly discovering that it is anything but.

So she has finally found the man of her dreams! Well…she knows who he is, even though she hasn’t actually quite met him yet. But she misses her opportunity, and then her life goes crazy. Rock star and ex-fiancĂ©, Dan, keeps getting in the way of her new romance—even if he is just trying to be helpful. A fire, an impromptu mini-trip with Dan, and a dreaded wedding later, Sophie is still struggling to meet the love of her life. Then, just as she is getting it together with her perfect man, best friend Rachel commits an act of unspeakable betrayal.

Sophie has had enough. Confused and distraught, she decides that it is time for a radical change. Surprising herself and shocking her friends, she embarks on a secret journey and eventually gets her life back on track

Review and Thoughts

Another fantastic read, I can't even begin to explain how blown away I was by this book. When Sophie looked at Steve that was the most astounding description ever, I couldn't believe it although I wasn't the one who felt that spark I could just imagine how it would feel if  I was in that situation. To be honest I didn't know who to root for because I loved Dan (in the beginning) and Sophie's relationship it was cute and fun. But then again I don't know if he would ever be able to commit. And I could only see those two as friends after everything that happened at the hospital. In the end Steve was perfect!

The book was fun and entertaining, sad, yet romantic.
Of course Jodie was an amazing character, I loved her the most. Jodie was so down to earth and she was so funny and real that you didn't think of her as a famous stuck up person.
rachel well I have mixed feelings about her and Dan at first I really liked her and felt for her but she used that and turned it into something ugly, which made me see them both as dishonest people.

 If it was me I don't think I would forgive anyone friend or not if they had done that to me. But that's just how I see it. It did however take me by surprise some people expect things to happen in a book, but out of all people I didn't know that would happen. It's pretty crazy, if you think of it. I wouldn't ever do that to a friend of mine.

But goodness was this book full of drama, it definitely kept you on the edge of your seat. The emotions and descriptions were spot on. I loved that not only was it in english but it also included some German, I personally love German especially since I know how to write it and speak it. Anyways the book was fantastic, it was a great read and was beautifully written. If you enjoy these type of books please go and purchase it! I recommend it.

Author Bio

Rock On! Nicky Wells writes fun and glamorous contemporary romance featuring a rock star and the girl next door. She recently signed her work with U.S publisher, Sapphire Star Publishing. Nicky is a wife, mother, and occasional teaching assistant

Originally born in germany nicky moved to the United Kingdom in 1993 and currently lives in Lincoln with her husband two boys. In a previous professional life, Nicky worked as a researcher and project for an international Human Recourses researchers firm based in London and Washington, D.C.

Visit Nicky on her blog where you can find articles, interviews, Radio interview and of course an ongoing update. on her work progress, the second and third parts of the Rock Star Romance Trilogy. You can also follow Nicky on twitter and find her on Facebook. Nicky is a featured author on the innovative reader/author project, loveahappyending.com and has joined the Romantic Novelists' Association, Nicky also has author pages at Sapphire Star Publishing and of course, Goodreads.

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  1. Hi Ana! Thank you so much for hosting this stop on the blogtour for Sophie's Run. I'm delighted to be here and thrilled to have found your beautiful home on the web.

    It is a really special moment for me when I find out that reviewer such as yourself connected with my books in the way that you have with Sophie's Run. That's what being an author is all about, and it makes my day. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and introducing your readers to my cast of characters. Rock on, Ana! :-) x

  2. It is indeed what it's all about. Be proud, Nicky. This is a review worth framing! FABulous! Thanks for sharing, Ana. :) xx

    1. Hey, Sheryl ~ thanks for visiting and checking this out. I'm still smiling widely!! Thanks for your comment, too, you rock! X

    2. Thank you Sheryl and Nicky so glad you liked my review. This book should be made into a movie, I need it to come to life! But thank you again for letting me read it and for coming to visit my blog, and the amazing comments.

  3. You are definitely a 5 Star author. Well done. :)

  4. Fab review and I completely agree with you - it's a fantastic read :) Well done Nicky!


    1. Aw, thanks so much Kate ~ I'm glad you could visit and thanks for your lovely thoughts! XX

  5. Edge of your seat stuff and love as well - amazing review. Congrats Nicky - Sophie and Dan are winners!

    1. Thanks Linn especially for stopping by and commenting :)!