Monday, May 6, 2013

When Summer Comes Blog Tour... *Review*

Review and Thoughts

Callie is given the worst news of her life she has until summer to enjoy her life and say her goodbyes. One day a stranger finds himself on her doorstep in need of help. Callie doesn't know if she should open the door but there is something about this guy that makes her happy, she didn't think he would make her days worthwhile but so far he has. Now that he's in her life She just isn't ready to say goodbye . He knows something is wrong with her but she is hoping to keep her illness a secret for as long as she can. The thing that she doesn't know is that she isn't the only one who is keeping secrets. 

I laughed, I cried, I got angry and I was hurt, I felt as if I was on an emotional roller coaster in a fantastic way. Few books make me feel this way, When Summer Comes was an amazing story honestly if I could compare this book to any other book out there it would probably be The Notebook or A Walk to Remember. The reason I loved this book was because of their relationship. Especially her friends Baxter he was the one who made me smile the most, it was as if he lit up the place whenever he showed up. He's the friend I wish I had, he made me so darn happy. 

Levi is such a hunk, but other than being this gorgeous guy he is such a strong, caring, loving guy who is going through so much pain and regret that he refuses to let go of. In the beginning he is portrayed as this closed off, quiet, shy, mysterious guy but as the book goes on and he starts opening up you start to figure out why he is closed off and his reason for not being able to love without having to feel guilt. Although Callie was scared of letting him in at first she learned that not everyone is a bad person, even when she found out things about him she decided not to pressure him into telling her every thing. So I liked that about their relationship cause she trusted him,

Really enjoyed it and loved it! Its another ConRom I wish was made into a movie! 5/5 stars


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