Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Hunt Killers Barry Lyga

Ever since Billy was arrested Jazz has been living in his dads shadow, nothing is worse than being the son of a small town serial killer. Oh wait there is something worse, everyone blaming you for the recent bodies that have been piling up. Being the son of a serial killer puts you at the top of everyones suspect list. But Jazz isn't going to let the Impressionist get away with it, he was going to catch the person behind all the killings even if that meant he had to think just like his father the infamous William Dent.

Review and Thoughts

Jazz is and was one of the most amazing characters. Although as well as being amazing, he is super odd and kind of a creep as well. I was impressed with how well he noticed things that others couldn't. He could think just like a serial killer and that is what scared me. But to him it was kind of like a rush because he would sometimes get this desire to kill someone. I thought it was fantastic to read something like this it reminded me of the show Hannibal. How well someone can sense things yet also get in someones mind and see how everything happened. 

I thought this book was a brilliant idea, the author did an outstanding job with it. It was like watching a crime show. You were shocked by some of the things that happened. I've never read anything like it. I am the kind of girl that likes twisted horror movies and shows. And this book had everything I wanted it to. 

I also liked Jazz's friend Howie, who was kind of like a partner in crime. He always wanted to help out Jazz and be there for him. Also there was this kind of comedy side to the story whenever Howie was around. So although it was a serious book most of the time, there were some funny moments to lighten up the mood. I enjoyed every minute of it. 

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