Monday, May 19, 2014

*****!!!!!Introducing THE SPECTACULAR book by Nicky Wells 'Fallen For Rock Cover Reveal'!!!!!****

So HAPPY to be a part of this Cover Reveal in all these past couple of years that I have been putting up book reviews I never thought I'd be making so many amazing Friends! Nicky is definitely one of them she is so amazing and talented. Thank you for all the books and talks we've had in the past. I am truly blessed!

Blurb- "A thrilling and delicious story of love and self-discovery woven around a broken romance that will make you turn page after page and cheer to the end.’

Love, life, loyalties. Nothing stays the same when Emily gets drawn into the world of rock.

Glossy and sophisticated professional high-flyer Emily has no time for nonsense such as the rock music her ex-boyfriend Nate adored so much. Yet when she unexpectedly comes into possession of VIP

tickets—access all areas—for new rock band phenomenon, MonX, she can’t resist the temptation. 

The fateful gig turns into more than one night, and Emily finds herself strangely drawn to this new and unfamiliar glittery world. However, only weeks later, MonX and her own universe fall apart with devastating consequences for all. When MonX lead singer Mike appeals for her help, she reluctantly embraces a new opportunity. But she soon discovers that while she may be a rock chick after all, a groupie she is not… Or is she?

Just exactly where do her loyalties lie? And what direction will her life take now that she’s left behind everything she treasured?"

Nicky Wells is your ultimate rock chick author. Signed to US Publisher, Sapphire Star Publishing, she writes Romance That Rocks Your World, featuring the rock star and the girl next door… because there's no better romantic hero than a golden-voiced bad boy with a secret soft heart and a magical stage presence!

Nicky’s books offer glitzy, glamorous romance with rock stars—imagine Bridget Jones ROCKS Notting Hill! If you’ve ever had a crush on any kind of celebrity, you’ll connect with Nicky’s heroes and their leading ladies.

Nicky loves listening to rock music, dancing, and eating lobsters. When she’s not writing, she’s a wife, mother, occasional knitter, and regular contributor at Lincoln’s Siren 107.3 FM. Rock on!

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***Fallen for Rock—Coming 30 June 2014!***

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  1. Mwah! Mwah! Ana, I feel the lurve! Thank you so much for such a wonderful introduction of the cover for Fallen For Rock. I feel quite the celeb! XX :-)